Zippered Pencil Cup Story

Zippered Pencil Cup Pattern

I was inspired to make this Zippered Pencil Cup Pattern when my son started high school. He needed a new pencil bag that didn’t scream “ I am a left over from elementary school!


Alex first day of kindergarten and 1st day of high school

I found lots of cool pencil cases, but nothing big enough to carry his pencils, markers, ear buds, and flash drives. Have you seen the cool shark pencil case called MinneBites?? (yes, that screamed little kid. But I love it). And there are cat ones that I love. I made a few myself, but again, not for a boy going into high school. So I searched and searched all over the internet. I can tell you so much about the different kinds of pencil cases out there. We even have those zippered monster pencil cases – about 4 of them the kids collected over the years. They all have names and hold various pencils, erasers, rocks and other assorted treasures. Again, not high school boy worthy.


I finally found the zippered pencil cup idea. But it was way too small for the things he needed to carry like markers, pencils, colored pencils, ear buds, flash drives. So I sat down in front of the sewing machine and was determined to make something he would like – an ambitious task.

I made several zippered pencil cup out of denim – he liked it, but didn’t love it. I made some zippered pencil cups out of various fabrics I had around the house.


I made just a plain blue zippered pencil cup and he loved it!

Then I made one for Rae.  When she her Adventure Time zippered pencil cup to school, all the kids loved it – as well as the teacher. I made quite a few zippered pencil cups before I decided to make a pattern. While drafting the pattern, I made

  • a zippered pencil cup out of fancy fabric to hold my make-up brushes,
  • a tie-dye zippered pencil cup for my paint brushes,
  • a zippered pencil cup with denim and giraffe fabric for my daughter (her school mascot is a giraffe),
  • a Hello Kitty and denim zippered pencil cup for a friend and the list goes on.

    Zippered Pencil Cup - RaeBean Collection

    Zippered Pencil Cup – RaeBean Collection

I know you’ll love these unique zippered pencil cups, too. The pattern is for beginners who know what they are doing to intermediate level sewers. The zippered pencil cup is not limited to just art and school supplies, you can use it for:

  • Make up brushes
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sewing notions/scissors
  • Tools


Only your imagination limits the many functions of this zippered pencil cup.

When you buy the zippered pencil cup pattern: You will receive a 21 page document filled with pictures for every step. There are full size pattern pieces on 6 pages, a materials list, and a pattern piece list. Approximate finished product size – 8.5” tall and 4.5” wide. Front of case when open is 4.5”.

Materials needed:
• 10” x 12” piece of fabric for exterior and zipper tab (Fat quarters will work)
• 10” x 10” Interfacing – Pellon TP971FC
• 30” x 10” nylon for Interior and Pockets
• 1 yard bias tape extra wide double fold
• 14” zipper
• Velcro
• Quilting plastic
• Optional: Blind Stitch Foot

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