How to make adjustable ear ties for your mask

New Fabric Coming Soon!

I just ordered the fabrics on the right. They are being printed and should be here within a few weeks. So excited! Check back for some great Back-to-School and Work masks to make those days more fun!

dr who heads

A commissioned drawing from Andrew P – he did a great job doodling my ideas of Baymax from Big Hero 6. Check him out on Twitter  – @anjo_tweet. 

To change your ties from around the head to around the ear, follow these instructions.

Use your tie that came with the mask, or use your favorite tie material like yarn, ribbon, or elastic.

NOTE: I’m working on a video version of this tutorial!

1) Remove the tie from your RaeBean Collection mask and cut in half – OR – Cut two lengths of your preferred tie to 20 inches long.

2) To guide your new tie through the mask openings, use a safety on the end of your tie. 

3) If you want the adjustable end of your tie to be below your ear, the safety pin end (or the end you loop around your finger) needs to be the tie at the bottom – or flat side – of your mask. This is the movable part of the tie (the end you loop around your finger is stationary).

Thread the safety pin from the top of the mask to bottom.

4) Pull tie so it’s even lengths on both sides.

5) Hold the left (movable) tie in your left hand as shown.

6) Take the side with the safety pin and wrap around the back of your finger and through the opening created by looping ties – see image.

7) Repeat with another loop. You will have two loops around your finger as shown. The safety pin end should be to the left of the loops.

8) Thread safety pin under the loops from left to right – or the opposite direction from the end without the safety pin.

9) Does yours look like this? GREAT! 

10) Gently pull the safety-pinned end and its opposite side, gently tightening the knot. NOTE: Making this knot tight will make adjusting the ear straps harder. If you find a perfect size and don’t need to adjust the straps often, make this knot tight.

11) The end with the pin is the non-moving end. Remove the safety pin and tie a knot at the end of the tie. Cut shorter if necessary.

Want to make our mask even more fun? thread some large-hole beads at the end of the tie!

12) Test the length of your tie around your ear and mark where you want to cut the excess of the long tie. Make a knot.

13) Cut the excess tie material and you’re done. Repeat with the other side. 

14) Enjoy!