The Bertha Pencil Box Pattern

The Bertha Pencil Tray,  Pencil Case Pattern Now Available

I have FINALLY finished the Pencil Tray Pencil Case Pattern. It took me about a year to get a pattern that was easy to make and worked well. Yes, many of those months were for testing the durability, but this pattern gave me a fit! With the help of some awesome testers, I’m finally done and it’s ready for download. The pattern is great for a beginner that knows their way around a sewing machine.

There’s a pocket on the inside of the Pencil Tray to store little things.  In the main compartment, I’ve stored over 50 color pencils, and there’s still room.

Why did I named this pattern Bertha, you ask? Bertha was my second kitty. She was a super sweet girl that talked to me ALL the time. My room mates used to think I was insane, always talking to myself, until they walked in the room and heard Bertha talk back. She was also there for some pretty touch times, always falling asleep on my lap or between my knees when we went to bed.

Want to know more?  Here’s the skinny:

Pattern Description:

The Bertha Pencil Box is a perfect pencil case to hold all your stuff and be able to see it all at once. The handy little pocket on the inside is perfect for your smaller items that may get lost among your larger stuff.

The wide open design and large capacity allows you to store not only your pens, pencils and markers, you can slip a flash drive in the pocket on the inside!

You can store your earbuds, erasers, and little treasures.


How about a busy box for your kids:

  •  Add a small note pad and some crayons or color pencils
  • Add a handful of Legos for unlimited building fun
  • Add a few Squinkies, Shopkins, a Barbie or you kid’s favorite small toys

20160411_145431 20160411_144936

Need a busy box for adults?

  • Add a crochet project, or a small knitting project
  • Make a small version of your favorite game and toss in a few dice
  • A pad of paper, pencil and deck of cards, you have an instant card game


Want a super cute makeup bag? The Bertha will hold your makeup and brushes and lie flat so you can see everything. There are so many things you can so with versatile pencil case/tray/carry – all.

The Bertha Pencil Box zips up and has a handle for easy carrying. Unsnap the zipper to open the Bertha Pencil box wider. When closed, the Bertha Pencil Box measures 10 in x 2.5 in. Open up Bertha and the box measures 10 in x 5 in x 2.5 in. 

20160425_091220 20160425_091331_lzn

This is a pattern you download and is not a physical item. It”s easy enough for beginners and fun for the more advanced sewers.

I am going to make one for the teachers Rae has at school and label it an emergency teacher kit. When I worked for the schools, we didn’t have much time to ourselves besides lunch. I had a stash of contact solution, mints, Aleve, feminine hygiene items, gum, candy, nail clippers, nail file, deodorant, mouth wash, tooth brush/tooth paste, and floss. I’ll also include a gift certificate for them to enjoy over the summer.

These guys are pretty easy to make – it can take just a couple of hours – and adding a little bling will give the gift a personal touch. I have several in my car. Rae loves to draw, so there is an emergency set of pencils and paper in one. I have one with emergency dog items like poopy bags, a spare leash and some treats. There’s one with a hair brush, pens, small bottle of lotion and hand sanitizer. It’s so nice to be able to grab a Bertha and know what”s in it instead of rooting around the middle console trying to find the lotion among all the other junk necessities.

Get your pattern to make one!  I think you’ll find it an easy and fast sew 🙂

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