Back To School

Back To School


It’s back to school time in the RaeBean household.  I’m sad to see my kids leave me after a summer of Pokemon hunting, beach trips, Pokemon hunting, exploring, and did I mention we did a lot of Pokemon hunting?  Yup, even me.  To date, I’ve captured 650 Pokemon.  We’ve traveled to a few places to catch them like Harper’s Ferry (TONS of Pokestops there and so much history).  We traveled to a few local cities to participate in their events.  And we went to the National Zoo.  We saw way more Pokemon than animals since it was so hot.

back to school raebean collection

But I digress.  With back to school time, there is supply time, too.  I’ve brightened up Rae’s notebooks with the Kiwi Notebook Cover in Toothless and Kitty Cats.  Pencil box? No way!  She is sporting a Zippered Pencil Case increased to 125% on my printer/copier so it can hold her pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, glue sticks, scissors, etc, etc.


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My son, a junior this year, is still using his Adventure Time pencil case from last year.  It held up well after a year’s worth of use!  I think I made him an Ant Man case in my back to school frenzy, but it’s all a blur.

pb07 pb06

Now, all my patterns for notebooks and pencil cases are on sale!  25% off until August 22, 2016.   Now’s the time to get the patterns at a great price of $4.69!  Buy one of each and go to town!  I will guarantee that once your child’s friends sees their brand new accessories, they’ll want one, too.  I know this from experience.

While you’re at it, indulge and make a special one for you.  If you have a day planner that is boring, make a Kiwi cover in the exact size you need.  There is a Kiwi Resize spread sheet that will give you a customized cut sheet for any size cover you need.  All you need is Excel or an Excel equivalent (like Open Office) and you’re ready to create a beautiful cover.

Once you’re all done with creating, head over to the RaeBean Collection Facebook group and post a picture.  I LOVE to see what other people create.  You guys are so talented!

Now, go.  Create!

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