About RaeBean Collection

Rae – aka Rachel – 13 Years Old (2019) – Designer

Bean – aka Laurene or Mommy – Older than 13 – Creator

So, you want to know about us? Well, at RaeBean Collection, you won’t find super fancy pictures here. You won’t find life-changing tips, or incredible insights to life (well, I may think they’re cool). I’m not a professional blogger by a long shot. I used to be an Internet Media Developer back in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but in the tech world, that is so long ago, nothing I knew then applies now! What you will find here are some ideas for crafts, my rantings, my daughter’s ideas and a mix of things we do in the crafting world.

Our story –

One day I decided I needed a small purse to carry just my phone and id/credit card with me to run errands, drop off the kids to school, etc. I browsed Pinterest for ideas and found a cute little owl purse. After I made one, Rachel went off to color and came back with several drawings that sparked the animal phone purse line.

She created not only an updated owl but a cat, dog, frog,

Each bag has evolved and all include a little something on the back of the bag – cheese, birds, bones, fish, lily pond or whatever strikes her fancy. Rachel is my muse, picking fabrics and approving the final products. While I sew, she keeps herself busy with drawing, video games, and being an awesome daughter/friend.